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Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

When it comes to substance abuse, one of the fastest growing problems is prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse includes any non-medical use of a prescription drug, or using prescription medications in ways that are not specified by health care professionals. Prescription drug abuse can lead to addiction, and it can also lead to damaged health and even to death.

It is important to get proper treatment for prescription drug abuse. There are two main categories of prescription drug abuse treatment: behavioral and pharmacological.

Behavioral treatment for prescription drug abuse

Behavioral treatment is when someone learns things they can do to function without prescription drugs. A drug addiction means that your body needs the prescription drugs to function. Behavioral treatment teaches addicts techniques for controlling cravings.

One of the techniques used is replacement. In order to overcome withdrawal symptoms and cravings, some professionals recommend that the addict keep busy. Adding extracurricular activities can distract someone from their prescription drug abuse problems. However, sometimes behavioral treatment isn't enough.

Pharmacological treatment for prescription drug abuse

This is treatment in which medications are used to control abuse symptoms. Symptoms of withdrawal can become very uncomfortable and can cause pain. In order to relieve some of these withdrawal symptoms and prescription drug cravings, medicine can be prescribed. This has worked with some serious illegal drug addictions. The dosage is slowly reduced until withdrawal symptoms disappear.


Unfortunately, with most types of addictions the temptation for relapse is always there. This is why behavioral approaches must be included in any prescription drug abuse treatment, even if pharmacological methods are used as well. It is also important for a recovering addict to have a good support system in order to help him or her remain strong and committed.

Providing support for prescription drug abuse treatment

One of the most important things you can do for someone who is abusing prescription drugs is be a part of the support system. You can help someone overcome their abuse problems by being available to talk, or to participate in an activity to take his or her mind off withdrawal symptoms or cravings. You can offer to attend support group meetings with a loved recovering from prescription drug abuse, or help in other ways.

If you need support, there are groups available for loved ones of those recovering from a substance addiction. It might help you to participate in such groups. Not only will you be able to find people who understand what you are going through as you try to help your loved one, but you can also gain valuable insight on what someone goes through with a prescription drug abuse problem, and what you can do to help.

Residential treatment centers for prescription drug abuse

Sometimes a prescription drug abuse problem is so severe that drastic steps need to be taken. Residential treatment or drug rehab is when a person with a substance abuse problem goes to stay at a long term care facility to deal with an addiction. These facilities take the person with the problem out of his or her environment and puts them in a place where they can get 24-hour care.

These facilities offer around the clock supervision. This can be very important if someone is experiencing depression and becomes suicidal as a result of their prescription drug abuse problem. Additionally, many residential treatment facilities also offer support groups.

Find out whether visitors are allowed at any facility a loved one goes into. If so, it is important that you visit to show that you care about the person, and that you miss him or her. Make sure that you continue to show love and try to show understanding.

Creating a prescription drug abuse treatment plan

A treatment plan is important in terms of treating prescription drug abuse. Make sure that you take an active interest in the treatment program designed for your loved one. A treatment program should outline the behavioral and pharmacological steps to be taken to treat the substance abuse problem.

Health care professionals should be consulted and should help you develop a treatment plan that is individualized. This should include support groups, as well as specific behaviors and tips that can help a person overcome the problem. Additionally, the treatment plan should address things that loved ones can do in support.

Prescription drug abuse can be a difficult problem to overcome. However, with proper support, and with a good treatment plan, it is possible to help someone treat prescription drug abuse.